my music is available exclusively on bandcamp. if bandcamp goes offline, or i am booted from the service, or it isn't available to you, or you just want to, or any other reason like that, simply get in touch with me and i will send you an archive of all music i have available for purchase, free of charge (but with a donation link), and no questions asked. ideally you should contact me via the email on my about page, but you may also do so via the bandcamp contact link or tumblr dm's or even reddit or discord if you can manage to reach me there.

current watchdog reset releases:

20211203 - Selfweaver [Single]
20201204 - party every night in silence
20201129 - punk shit [ep]
20201106 - The Hollow
20200522 - The Gate
20200203 - Hiding from Monsters [EP]
20190901 - The Cage
20190520 - The Construct
20190514 - Love Will Tear Us Apart [Single]
20190504 - Attraction
20190430 - Watchdog Reset
20190404 - The Moons [EP]